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What are Signal Angels?

The Signal Angel group coordinates the Signal Angels at chaos events/conferences.

Signal Angels provide an interface between the extended audience from the internet by asking questions submitted via IRC and social media in the Q&A section of a talk. In addition, they forward feedback from stream viewers to the c3voc in real-time in case of technical issues with the livestream.

How does that work?

Signal Angels pick their shifts via the Engelsystem, which is commonly used at chaos events. Each shift correlates to a single talk.

During that shift the Signal Angel will join a specific IRC channel dedicated to the talks' stream. Also, they will look out for any mention of the assigned hashtag on social media like Twitter and Mastodon.

They interact with the viewers using those channels, collect any questions to the speakers that the viewers have, and try to sort them, or group similar questions. Increasing the signal-to-noise ratio is a huge part of the job.

When the Q&A starts, either the Signal Angels themselves ask the question (for physical events), or the Heralds will receive a live update of all the questions from the Signal Angel via a HedgeDoc markdown pad.

By doing that, the Signal Angels give the internet a voice at chaos events. Making it possible to ask questions during a talk from anywhere in the world can significantly enrich the Q&A section of talks, so we're happy to do it!

How can I reach you?

The easiest way is to send an email to During events you can usually reach us in the #signal channel on the hackint IRC network.

Last update: 2021-12-31 22:55:24
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